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Safer Taxis for the Pandemic - An extra layer of protection every time, every trip with London Taxis

The NSW Government is being urged to provide an additional layer of defence against the risk of COVID-19 at Sydney Airport with London Taxis, tailor made to provide enhanced protection to Drivers and Passengers.

(Source: 7 News Sydney)

The NSW Taxi Council had proposed to the NSW Government last year to utilise these purpose-built Taxis for transporting vulnerable and high-risk passengers. Unfortunately, the NSW Government did not progress with the proposal to use London Taxis.

Amidst the current lockdown in Sydney, there are a number of these Taxis sitting dormant at Sydney Airport ready to be utilised with COVID-safe measures like Sanitisation, Mandatory Masks, COVID-safe toolkit and Social distancing in practice, along with the extra physical barrier of a safety screen.

The physical a barrier providing extra layer of protection in a London Taxi

(Source: 7 News Sydney)

London Taxis are tailor made for extra safety as they have a physical barrier which helps separate Drivers and Passengers every trip, every time. This provides enhanced protection for Drivers as well as Passengers, along with the current COVID-safe measures in place for Taxis.

London Taxis are offered by GM Cabs, a member network of the NSW Taxi Council.

The NSW Taxi Council will continue to work with the NSW Government as well as other Organisations ensuring availability of 24/7/365 COVID-safe Taxi services in NSW "helping healthy people stay healthy".

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