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"A New Tool in my Toolbox for Training WATS drivers! Gave me empowerment as a WATS Driver"

The NSW Taxi Council conducted the last WATS Assessor (Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services) – Train the Trainer programme for the year on 19 and 20 November 2020 at the Lismore Gateway Motel, Lismore in Northern Regional NSW. Nick Abrahim - Deputy CEO, NSW Taxi Council trained previously accredited and new WATS Assessors from our member networks from Regional NSW towns - Port Macquarie, Casino, Lismore & Byron Bay.

Nick Abrahim – Deputy CEO, NSW Taxi Council expressed his views on the importance of the programme and said that, “Continued Training and learning is key for WAT Assessors in Regional NSW. This is critical to ensure that those who are accredited to provide training and assessment continue to receive up to date training to ensure a best in class training and assessment regime is maintained. It is crucial that the NSW Taxi Council continues to work with our members to upskill our drivers and assessors to ensure that the highest standards are maintained when providing services to members of the disability sector. Having approved Assessors in the Regions is also important to ensure that Taxi Drivers can have access to accredited trainers without being disadvantaged or delayed due to their location.”

SOME TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR PARTICIPANTS (please slide left/right on the image)

The WAT Assessor Train the Trainer Program has been developed for Service Providers to meet the requirements of the Point to Point Transport Commission WAT Driver Competency Guidelines tool. The program helps previously accredited WAT Assessors undergo a refresher training to help with the Training and Assessing process through a consistent and up to date system.

The training involves In-class as well practical outdoor training for existing and new WATS Assessors -

In-class Training

Practical Outdoor Training

The NSW Taxi Council looks forward to continuing to roll out the WAT Assessor Train the Trainer Program throughout 2021. To find out more, or to book for our next training session, please contact the NSW Taxi Council on (02) 8339 4644.

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