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"A Strong & Viable Industry With Customers At The Heart Of Everything We Do" - CEO Nick Abrahim

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write to you as Chief Executive Officer at the NSW Taxi Council.

I feel quite privileged and humbled to be leading the NSW Taxi Council, the Peak Body of the NSW Taxi Industry at an exciting time, as we look to transition our industry into the new future.

As the CEO, my vision is clear – “To ensure that we have a strong and viable Industry, with the Customer at the heart of everything we do”.

This means going back to some very basic fundamentals around standards, safety and service delivery – ensuring that whenever a person thinks transport, they think “Taxis”. My entry to the NSW Taxi Industry commenced approximately 16 years ago when I decided to obtain my Authority to become a Taxi Driver in Sydney. This was additional to the work I was doing with large Global Companies, over the many years in the corporate sector. It was the Taxi driving experience that gave me the real exposure and taste of what running my own business was all about. I loved it that much, I decided to invest in my own Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Business, which I ran for over 6 years. Providing transport services to people with a disability has been the highlight of my career. It meant I was able to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Following this, I felt that it was important for me to move into a Training role which enabled me to share my passion and experiences with other drivers. At this point, there was an opportunity for me to pursue a career with the NSW Taxi Council – and here we are eight years on. My focus, as the CEO, will be to work on issues and opportunities that matter, not just for me, but for key stakeholders, like yourself, who are ultimately on the front line, day in, day out. As you would be aware, Taxis NSW had established three key pillars of focus. My intent is to continue the work and focus around these core pillars; - Equity for Taxi Businesses - Proactive Compliance - Industry Innovation I look forward to visiting various parts of NSW, including Country and Regional towns, to engage and connect with Industry representatives as well as listening and hearing what concerns you have. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the former CEO, Martin Rogers for his outstanding leadership and the work he has done for our Industry. We wish Martin all the best with his new chapter ahead. In closing, I would like to thank the Board and staff of Taxis NSW, for giving me the opportunity to step into the CEO role and I look forward to working together with key stakeholders and partners within our Industry to ensure we maintain a strong, viable and unified industry into the future. Warm Regards, Nick

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