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‘An act of bastardry’: Taxi plate owners short-changed on plate compensation

A division of local government areas will see many regional Taxi Plate Owners miss out on a promised $130,000 plate payout.

It was last week announced Taxi plate owners outside of Sydney would receive $130,000 for each taxi plate, with no cap on the number of licences.

But The Ray Hadley Morning Show has this morning learned the regional areas will be divided into four tiers, with some drivers looking at as little as $25,000 for each plate.

“Only a small number of people are actually in the $130,000 [area],” NSW Taxi Council CEO Martin Rogers said.

“The bulk of areas are in region four; in Kiama, $25,000 is what we’re talking about.

“These people are only getting less than 30 cents in the dollar for something that happened through no fault of their own.”

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Ray branded the shrinking payout an “act of bastardry by the NSW government”.

“Now Chris Minns, the ball’s back in your court. What are you going to do?

“Do the right thing by these people. Do the right thing, for goodness’ sake.”

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