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Australia Lights Up in Yellow for National Road Safety Week -Let’s get everyone home safe every day

Source - National Road Safety Week 2022 Media Release

Despite best efforts to decrease the risk of road incidents, 2021 saw a 2.6 per cent increase in road fatalities in Australia, with 1,123 people dying on our roads and an estimated 40,000 hospitalised with serious injuries, highlighting the need for initiatives such as National Road Safety Week (15 – 22 May).

Across the country, our favourite icons and buildings will light up in yellow during the week to remember those we have lost and those who have been seriously injured along with many events and community activities to promote measures to protect everyone who works and travels on our roads.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge looked spectacular in Yellow

The story behind National Road Safety Week

Created by Peter Frazer of the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group after his 23-year-old daughter was tragically killed in a car crash 10 years ago, the Week which is supported by the Commonwealth, State, Territory and Local Governments as well as key road safety organisations and corporate partners, reminds all road users about the dangers of road travel and highlights ways we can improve our safety and that of all those on the road ahead.

Peter Frazer said: “I want to thank and commend the Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments for everything they are doing to protect their citizens. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts more than 12,000 Australians have died and over 400,000 seriously injured since my beautiful daughter Sarah was killed by a distracted driver a decade ago.

“There are so many elements to enabling road safety. We need to keep building and maintaining safe infrastructure and supporting compliance technologies that change behaviour like average speed cameras. We need to ensure road rules focus on the active protection of those who are vulnerable and make sure our justice system enforces those rules.

“However, none of these measures work if every driver does not actively commit to looking after all those on the road ahead. Choosing to drive to the speed limit, to not get distracted by mobile phones or passengers, to not drive under the influence of drink or drugs or when tired. These are all active choices we need to make every time we sit in the driver’s seat to ensure everyone on the road gets home safely, every day with no exceptions,” Mr Frazer added.

How to get involved

  • Choose to drive safely and take an online pledge to do that at

  • Discuss driving safely with your family, friends, and colleagues

  • Wear a yellow ribbon lapel badge, yellow ribbon, or display a vehicle sticker available from ( to show you are a road safety advocate

  • Check your local area for events such as the National Walk Safely to School Day (Friday 20 May) and road safety information booths at local markets, malls, and community centres.

  • Visit your local icons when they are lit up in yellow

  • Promote your support for National Road Safety Week on social media using #NRSW or #DriveSoS hashtag or share social content from National Road Safety Week and the SARAH Group

For further information on National Road Safety Week, please visit the National Road Safety Week website here -

NSW Taxi Council CEO, Martin Rogers joined Transport for NSW and Peter & Judy Frazer from the SARAH Group - Safer Australian Roads And Highways for the launch of National Road Safety Week.

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