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Ben Fordham grilled the Treasurer for an outcome for NSW Taxi Licence Owners

Source - 2GB Radio

Ben Fordham grilled the Treasurer, Matt Kean for an outcome for NSW Taxi Licence Compensation this morning.

Matt Kean acknowledged that the NSW Taxi Council presented a compelling case and he is working with the Transport Minister for a resolution for NSW Taxi Licence Owners.

Ben handed the Treasurer a folder full of emails he had received from Taxi Licence owners. You could hear the thud on the table from how many there were.

Thank you for sharing your personal stories with Ben.

Whilst the Treasurer did not commit to a time frame, we will continue to push for a resolution in weeks, not months.

Thank you Ben Fordham for the continued support for fair and proper compensation for Taxi Licence Owners in NSW.

Please click on Play below to listen to the Interview. The Taxi discussion starts around 3 min 20 seconds


Watch the Video of the Interview of Matt Kean with Ben Fordham

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