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GM Cabs set up a Free Sanitisation Station at Sydney Domestic Airport

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The NSW Taxi Industry is grateful to the NSW Government for funding a number of sanitisation stations currently in operation for Taxis across NSW.

In addition to these NSW Government funded sanitisation stations, a member network of the NSW Taxi Council has taken it upon themselves to also open their own privately funded sanitisation station at the Sydney Domestic Airport.

GM cabs, a member network of the NSW Taxi Council has just opened up their own Free Vehicle Sanitisation Station at the Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal, outside the Taxi Holding Bay for all Taxis to visit. The aim of opening up their own sanitisation station is to ensure that passengers coming out of the Sydney Domestic Airport feel confident that they are hopping into a freshly sanitised Taxi. GM Cabs are ensuring that passengers and drivers travel safely each and every time from the Sydney Domestic Airport.

George Mikhael, Chairman of GM cabs said, ‘’Safety of drivers and passengers is the most important to GM cabs during these difficult times. The passengers coming out of the airport will feel much safer in Taxis and the drivers will go back to their families with peace of mind at the end of their shifts. Our free Sanitisation station is at a top location just outside the Taxis Holding Bay at Domestic Airport, as each and every Taxi coming to the domestic airport to pick up passengers could be sanitised to ensure driver and passenger safety and thus help stop the spread of the virus. We run from early morning to late afternoon, every day of the week for all the Taxis. It is of utmost importance that we all work together to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers.”

Michael Mikhael, General Manager of GM cabs further added, “We have strict processes and protocols in place here and we also have personal protective equipment (PPE’s) at the sanitisation station for all our cleaners. We want to ensure that every Taxi which goes for a passenger pickup at the Domestic Airport is freshly sanitised”. Furthermore, discussing the value and benefits of a Free Sanitisation Station at Domestic Airport by GM Cabs, Michael added, ‘’the advantage is Taxi drivers can come in before joining the queue at the Domestic Airport and get their Taxis freshly cleaned and sanitised without losing any time. It takes around three to four minutes for a standard Taxi vehicle and six to seven minutes for a larger vehicle like a Maxi to be sanitised. This helps us ensure that passengers are getting into a safe and sanitised Taxi at the Sydney Domestic Airport”

Sanitisation of Taxis is of utmost importance to stop the spread of the virus. The NSW Government has advised recently to avoid non-essential travel via public transport as we fight through this critical second wave of the pandemic. Taxis are an essential mode of transport for the people across NSW, as it enables passengers to move out and about in a controlled environment with minimal contact with others. It helps reduce exposure to others and thus helps stop the spread of COVID-19.

The NSW Taxi Council has been working together with its member networks in Sydney as well regional NSW to ensure Driver and Passenger safety in Taxis in NSW. Martin Rogers, CEO of the NSW Taxi Council said that, “It’s a great initiative. We would like to thank GM cabs for opening up this sanitisation station for all Taxis at the Domestic Airport, thus ensuring COVID safe Taxis for passengers at the domestic airport”.

Furthermore, talking about the NSW Taxi Industry during these critical times, Mr. Rogers added, ‘’Taxis are essential and open for business in NSW. We are continuously working together with our member networks for having COVID-safe policies and procedures in place for Taxis to ensure health and well-being of passengers and Taxi drivers. Sanitisation of Taxis is important to ensure safety of passengers and Taxi drivers. We want to make sure that Taxis are sanitised properly. We want to ensure that our drivers remain safe and healthy during this pandemic. We want people to feel safe, secure and comfortable in choosing Taxis as a form of transport. Taxis help healthy people stay healthy”.

The NSW Taxi Council CEO – Martin Rogers and Deputy CEO – Nick Abrahim visited the GM Cabs Free Sanitisation Station site at the Sydney Domestic Airport earlier last week together with the Chairman of GM Cabs – George Mikhael and General Manager of GM Cabs – Michael Mikhael.

GM Cabs has been a force in the NSW Taxi industry for over 20 years. They have always driven innovation and are continually striving to create a better industry.

If you are a passenger and want to ensure your safety and travel in a Taxi which has just been freshly sanitised, Take a Taxi at the Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport.

To Take a Taxi with GM cabs, which is freshly sanitised, download the Rydo - Australia's Taxi App on Google Play here or on the Apple store here. You can also call 131 001 to book a safe and sanitised GM Cab or a London Taxi.

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