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Invitation to Register - NSW Taxi Industry State Conference 2024"Collaborate & Accelerate"

The NSW Taxi Industry State Conference has been the cornerstone for bringing together the NSW Taxi Industry stakeholders over the years. The 2024 NSW Taxi Industry State Conference will feature collaborative workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and networking opportunities. Whether you're a Network, Licence Holder/Operator, Driver or Industry Partner/Supplier - this is a unique opportunity to attend the only annual event bringing together the whole of the NSW Taxi Industry. An opportunity to contribute towards the shaping of the future of your industry. The Team at Taxis NSW are delighted to invite you and any representatives from your Organisation (Director, Managers, Licence Holders/Operators and Drivers) to register to attend the 2024 NSW Taxi Industry State Conference. The theme for the 2024 Conference is "Collaborate & Accelerate", highlighting the importance of working together to drive positive change and adapting swiftly to the evolving landscape of the Taxi industry in NSW. It sets the stage for an event where industry stakeholders come together to share insights, engage in collaborative discussions, and propel our industry forward. Registrations are now open on our website via the link below and we strongly recommend you register as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2024 NSW Taxi Industry State Conference.

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