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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update for Point to Point Transport Industry

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The Point to Point Transport Commission is directing point to point drivers to a COVID-19 Fact Sheet for the Point to Point Industry, which offers information and advice about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

For ongoing advice, Point to Point Transport drivers should refer to the Australian Health Department advice including:

  • Drivers do not need to wear a mask if you are healthy

  • Wash hands often with soap and water

  • The use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser is advised between hand washes and after opening and closing doors, moving luggage, exchanging payment and after personal contact

  • Drivers should employ standard cleaning practices at the end of each shift, as part of good hygiene practice by wiping down surfaces with disinfectant

  • In the event of a passenger spreading droplets (such as sneezing, coughing or vomiting), clean surfaces with appropriate disinfectant wipes so that the potential spread of infection can be minimised

  • Customers are encouraged to use contactless payments where possible, to further reduce chances of community spread

  • For those services that do not offer contactless payment, we are advising people to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser to limit the spread of viruses.

Call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450. The phone number of your state or territory public health agency is available at

If you have concerns about your health, call healthdirect on 1800 022 222.

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