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'Most galling is the insufficient compensation that has been paid' - MP Julia Finn in NSW Parliament

MP Julia Finn - NSW Member of Parliament for Granville represented the plight of Taxi Licence Owners in NSW Parliament on 10 June 2021 and raised the need for a fair and just compensation for Taxi Licence Holders in NSW.

The Member of Parliament for Granville shared a video of her speech in Parliament on her Facebook page earlier today. Click on the play button below to watch the video.

MP Julia Finn also mentioned the following in the Face book post -

"The Taxi industry was dealt a body blow when the Berejiklian Government introduced ridesharing. Local families have lost astonishing amounts of money and some fear losing their homes.

The situation worsened under COVID-19. The recent Legislative Council inquiry found that compensation was woefully inadequate. More needs to be done to support these families."

For further details on NSW Taxi Licence Buyback, please visit the NSW Taxi Licence Buyback Page here.

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