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NSW Taxi Council sponsors a Guide Dog in NSW: 3 names shortlisted by members

We are extremely delighted to inform our members and the stakeholders of the NSW Taxi Industry that the NSW Taxi Council with support from the Industry has sponsored a Guide Dog to assist passengers with vision impairment when using Taxis in NSW.

The NSW Taxi Council is working closely with Guide Dogs NSW and over the next few months, we look forward to launch the puppy with further training taking place over the next year with Guide Dogs NSW.

As a request from Guide Dogs NSW to name the dog, our industry had to come up with 3 names for the puppy from which one will be selected based on availability of the name, as every Guide Dog has a unique name.

The NSW Taxi Council conducted an industry wide survey of around 6000 subscribers over the past few weeks asking for 3 names to be selected out of a list of 10 names.

The shortlisted 10 names were:

Frank, Ramble, Axil, Meter, Camry, Hitch, Turn, Ramble, Patches, Tia, Diesel, Chelsea & Daisy.

The survey received around 100 responses from the industry and we are glad to announce that the members of the NSW Taxi Council along with other industry stakeholders have selected the following 3 names (in order of number of votes) for the sponsored puppy to be launched in 2021

1. Daisy

2. Axil

3. Diesel

What happens next?

The 3 names we have selected as an industry will be sent to Guide Dogs NSW along with preference for the gender and colour of the dog. Following this, a puppy will be requested by Guide Dogs NSW on behalf of the NSW Taxi Industry.

The puppy will then be looked after for 6-8 weeks and then taken to the Guide Dogs Centre where we plan to launch it to the industry. The puppy is then trained to be a Guide Dog by a Puppy Raising Family before being put to service for a Guide Dogs Handler in NSW.

The NSW Taxi Council would like to thank all of the respondents to the survey.

The NSW Taxi Council appreciates the contribution and the support from the industry and looks forward to sharing the updates and launch the puppy to the industry in 2021.

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