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NSW Taxi Industry Reforms 2021 Update

Meeting with the new Minister for Transport and Roads, The Hon Rob Stokes

On Friday 29th October, 2021 we had a meeting with the new Minister for Transport and Roads, The Hon Rob Stokes. We highlighted the two distinct issues;

  1. The current reforms are about the future viability of the Industry

  2. Compensation for loss of value in Taxi licences is to address the loss of value from the reforms of 2015.

We expressed concern around the capping on the number of licences for assistance.

We also requested the need for Government to work with Industry on an appropriate Bill to be presented to Parliament.

During the meeting, the Minister had noted that while the Government had intended to present a Bill to Parliament this year, given the time that may be required for the voluntary assisted dying Bill, the NSW Taxi Industry reform Bill may have to move to the beginning of 2022. In addition, we also noted the need for proper consultation to be had with industry.

The Minister for Transport and Roads mentioned that our advocacy efforts to date has seen that many MP’s are aware of the situation, however we can’t stop there. We need to ensure that every MP in NSW is aware of the need for appropriate compensation and the impact of the proposed reforms.


Developing a Communication and PR Strategy

It is important that we maintain momentum, hence we are engaging with industry Members this week to develop a communication and PR strategy regarding these reforms. Further information will be shared once the communication and PR strategy is developed and finalised.


Have you visited your local MP?

It is important that “we all continue to be a part of the chorus”. If you haven’t made an appointment with your local MP, please follow the link below to find details of your local MP.

Reminder, if you do not get a response from your Local Member, Jo Haylen (Shadow Minister for Transport and Roads) and Jenny Aitchison (Shadow Minister for Regional Transport and Roads) would be interested to hear from you.

Please email them at

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