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Rapid Response Vehicle Sanitisation Stations in Orange to help protect Drivers and Passengers

Source: Point to Point Transport Commission

In response to the current COVID-19 risk to communities in Orange City Council, Blayney Shire Council, and Cabonne Shire Council areas, Transport for NSW and the Point to Point Transport Commission are launching Rapid Response Vehicle Sanitisation Stations (RRVSS) in Orange to help protect drivers and passengers. This service is in addition to the 12 permanent locations already operating throughout NSW.

The RRVSS is a complimentary service for all point to point transport vehicles including Taxis, hire and rideshare vehicles, community transport, Government fleet and Emergency Services vehicles. Vehicles are entitled to up to two sanitisations, per vehicle, per day, performed by staff on-site. Vehicle sanitisation includes the disinfection of high touch point areas outside and inside of the vehicle including: door handles, boot handle, window controls, steering wheel, visors, centre console, gear stick, handbrake, grip handles, glove box, dashboard, seatbelts, seats, headrests, mobile phone holders, cup holders, fuel door, fuel cap, meters and payment equipment.


Where to find the RRVSS?

Rapid response services are available in Orange, NSW at the following locations:

  1. Orange Railway Station: Orange NSW 2800

  2. Lords Pl taxi rank: Lords Pl, Orange NSW 2800

  3. Summer St bus stop: Summer St, Orange NSW 2800

  4. Woolworths Orange: 197-203 Anson St, Orange NSW 2800

  5. Coles Orange: Anson St, Orange NSW 2800

  6. Post Office: 222 Summer St, Orange NSW 2800

  7. Woolworth North Orange: 9 Telopea Way, Orange NSW 2800

Opening hours are:

Mon - Fri, 9am-6pm;

Sat - Sun, 10am-4pm


Do you need some Masks?

In addition to the sanitisation service provided by these RRVSS, each vehicle is entitled to 5 masks per visit. If you live outside of Orange, all regional service providers are entitled to complimentary packs of 50 disposable face masks, available online via the Commissioner’s industry portal. Complimentary sanitisation kits, containing sanitiser wipes, hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and a cleaning guide are also available to all service providers. Place your order by emailing Please provide how many vehicles you have, the number of kits required and your contact details. Please note: Only service providers can place orders for complimentary face masks.

Further information and locations can be found on the Point to Point Transport Commissioner’s Vehicle Sanitisation Station webpage.

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