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SmartMove launches the ‘Account Portal’ feature

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

SmartMove Systems – a Partner of the NSW Taxi Council recently launched the SmartMove Account Portal feature to complement its dispatch system. This feature provides extensive benefits to Taxi Service Providers (TSP’s), NDIS participants/Plan Managers and passengers.

The SmartMove Account Portal benefits the Taxi Service Providers (TSP) by allowing them to:

  • Manage and control client or NDIS participant budgets using the customisable portal

  • Easily create multiple bookings for each client and manage them

  • Set up travel budgets for each client and enable automatic deduction of a fare after each trip

  • Receive a warning when the set threshold as per budget has been reached

  • Limit pick up or destination options for particular clients

  • Limit booking times to only allow travel at certain times

The SmartMove Account Portal also provides features which benefit the passengers/NDIS Participants allowing them to -

  • Customise their portal to make and manage their own bookings

  • Create multiple bookings at a time

  • View scheduled bookings and booking history

  • Manage (edit/cancel) bookings without any Call Centre intervention from the portal

Adam Thornley (Business Development Manager - SmartMove) explains why the Account Portal feature of SmartMove’s dispatch system saves time and money “As people move to the NDIS, participants are using Taxis more and more to go about their everyday activities. This feature solves the problem where TSP’s must monitor and keep track of how much an NDIS client has spent. This is a time consuming process and is prone to errors if not diligently performed, potentially resulting in the Taxi Service Provider (TSP) being out-of-pocket. As with all features, this new feature is included for the benefit of all SmartMove customers”.

For example, a Taxi Service Provider’s client - XYZ may only be allowed to make immediate bookings from the ABC Centre located in Banksmeadows to XXX Center at Mascot OR a Taxi Service Provider’s client – XYZ Services may be allowed to make pre-bookings from a particular pickup/drop-off address only.

Further, the passenger/TSP’s clients can also manage (edit/cancel) bookings from the portal without any call-centre intervention.

Adam Thornley added, “This feature extensively benefits the TSP. It frees up the call-centre as your clients can manage their own bookings, but, the TSP still have full visibility and control over those bookings. Detailed account invoices can be generated by the TSP at the click of a button at anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

If you are interested in SmartMove’s Taxi Dispatch System for your Taxi Network and want to take advantage of the SmartMove Account Portal feature, contact Adam Thornley at Or visit their website –

About SmartMove

SmartMove is 100% Australian owned and operated with over 120 fleets across Australia and New Zealand. SmartMove provides support to all of their fleets, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The team have been delivering high quality and user friendly software and hardware solutions to government and private business since 1986 and were the pioneers of mobile phone dispatching in Australia.

SmartMove is a product of SmartMove Systems.

The NSW Taxi Council created this blog post together with our Partner - SmartMove.

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