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Successful Advocacy for member network - Illawarra Taxi Network to operate in Kiama

Following a letter from the Kiama Mayor, Neil Reilly, expressing concern over a lack of rank and hail taxi services, and as a result of consultation with NSW Taxi Council member network - Illawarra Taxi Network (ITN), the other local service providers and the Kiama Municipal Council, the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Anthony Wing, has varied the area of operations for taxis operating in the Wollongong Transport District to allow them to operate in the areas of Kiama, Gerringong and Jamberoo (Kiama LGA).

This decision was effective from 5 July 2023.

The Commissioner’s decision took into account the unique needs of the Kiama community and their ability to access medical and essential services, and local tourism including the recent Winter Festival.

While the Commissioner is varying the area of operations, it is a business decision for nearby providers, such as Illawarra Taxi Network or 13 Cabs, as to whether they enter the Kiama market or not. Kiama Cabs has also advised the Commission that they are still doing booked services and providing some rank and hail services.

The Commissioner appreciates the Mayor, Neil Reilly, and the Council for sharing the local community’s concern and the area’s unique needs.

As of 1 August (once the taxi licence reforms transition has ended) all operation areas will be lifted in NSW, and any taxi service provider will be able to enter the Kiama area to provide rank and hail services.

Safety of passenger services is the Commissioner’s top priority, and any point to point transport services being provided must comply with safety standards.

The NSW Taxi Council thanks the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, Kiama Municipal Council & Illawarra Taxi Network for their support ensuring continued Taxi Services for the local Kiama community.

Information for this post has been sourced from the Point to Point Transport Commissioner

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