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Taxi Fare Hotline –1800 500 410 is live

Source - Point to Point Transport Commissioner

The Point to Point Transport Commissioner's recently announced 24-hour hotline, dedicated to receiving passenger feedback on drivers not using the meter, overcharging and refusing fares, launched on Monday 28 November 2022.

The Taxi Fare Hotline – 1800 500 410 is an additional channel to make it easier for passengers to report taxi fare related feedback and incidents over the Christmas holiday period.

How will the Taxi Fare Hotline 1800 500 410 work?

The Commission will record each passenger call (case) received through the hotline and refer the feedback to the relevant Taxi Service Provider for action – this action includes communicating with the passenger, investigating with the driver and reporting outcomes. The Commissioner has directed that Taxi Service Providers will report back to the Commission on a weekly basis, detailing how each passenger case is responded to – this will be done through the Industry Portal. Specific instructions on this process will be sent separately.

What does this mean for Taxi Drivers providing Rank and Hail Services?

As a part of your communications with drivers, you should advise them that the Taxi Fare Hotline is operating on a 24-hour a day basis, 7 days a week. This means that passengers who experience Taxi Drivers not turning on the meter, demanding a set fare, or refusing a trip will have an additional and dedicated 24-hour line to report any incident.

The hotline is a part of a Taxi Industry-wide crackdown on drivers who are illegally choosing not to use the meter for rank and hail fares, overcharging or refusing a fare. All passenger calls will be followed up by their Taxi Service Provider.

What can be expected next?

In the coming days, we will inform Taxi Service Providers of the new process that must be followed to inform the Commissioner of how each individual case is responded to and the outcome.

The Commissioner’s on-street compliance team will continue uniformed, highly visible compliance activities at major events, CBD Taxi ranks and at airports to deter drivers from breaching the law. In the lead up to the Christmas holiday period the on-street team will also be conducting covert, plain clothes operations. All Taxi Service Providers are expected to ensure Drivers are using Taxi meters, complying with the fares order and not refusing rank or hail fares. For more information, please call the Industry Contact Centre on 131 727 or visit

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