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Taxis Transport Veterans for Remembrance Day Commemoration

The member networks of the NSW Taxi Council – RSL Cabs, Manly Cabs and GM Cabs had the honour and privilege of transporting some of our respected Veterans for the Remembrance Day Commemoration Ceremony held at The Sydney Cenotaph, Martin Place on 11 November 2020.

The Taxis transported the veterans along with their guests from their respective residences to The Sydney Cenotaph located on Pitt Street at Martin Place.

(From left to right - Taxi Driver from Manly Cabs; Mr Jack Van Emden's family member and World War II Veteran Mr. Jack Van Elden)

Mr Jack Van Emden, a veteran who served in World War II said ‘’This is a day to remember all the friends who I have not seen after the war. In Air Force, we were drafted from all over Australia. Some came from Western Australia, some from Queensland and similarly from various other states. We never see them again as they are too far away. Today we remember them!”

(The ceremony at the Sydney Cenotaph - Martin Place)

On being asked about travelling in a Taxi for the ceremony, Mr Emden added, ‘’Very good experience. We have been doing these for years. I particularly love this Taxi because it is a premium car – A Rolls Royce of a Taxi. I am Thankful to Manly Cabs for providing the service’’.

One of the Taxi Drivers from GM Cabs – London Taxis was very glad to get the opportunity to assist the Veterans and said that, ‘’These respectful Veterans have represented the country, protected it and they absolutely deserve to be treated respectfully. It is very important to recognise and understand what happened in the past and celebrate it. It is an honour for me to provide service to our Veterans”.

(From left to right - Taxi Driver from GM Cabs and World War II Veteran Ms Joan Mclean being dropped off after the ceremony)

Four Taxis from three of the member networks of the NSW Taxi Council picked up and dropped off the Veterans along with their guests and family members for the ceremony. Considering the critical times we are in, as a result of COVID-19 and the vulnerability of our senior citizens to the virus, we need to ensure that the utmost safety, care and diligence was practiced by all the Taxis. A COVID-safe service was ensured to all the Veterans, their family members and guests, "Helping Heathy People Stay Healthy".


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