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The Art of Giving

The NSW Taxi Council together with the NSW Taxi Industry and our members led a Dymocks Children Charity pledge mission for their Duck library and Library Regeneration programmes under the charity throughout the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference 2019 – ‘’Together Towards Tomorrow”. The main aim of the pledging mission has been to support the work of Dymocks Children Charity in sparking a love of reading and improving literacy outcomes for the Australian Children. The mission led us to raising and contributing $2,950 for the Dymocks Children Charity.

(Martin Rogers - CEO, NSW Taxi Council, Steve Cox - Former Managing Director, Dymocks & Nick Abrahim - Deputy CEO, NSW Taxi Council)

We are thankful for the great support, enthusiasm and generosity of our conference attendees, members of the NSW Taxi Council and contributors from the NSW Taxi Industry.

We are also extremely thankful to Steve Cox – Former Managing Director, Dymocks for providing support and working with us for the Dymocks Children’s charity as well as delivering a powerful keynote address at the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference.

We would also like to congratulate Steve on his recent appointment as the CEO of Destination NSW.

Throughout the period between the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference - 2019 and June 2020, the NSW Taxi Council has been working together with Dymocks Children Charity and we are delighted to inform that the contributions amounting to $2,950 have been allocated to Moree East Public School in NSW. As a result, the library of the Moree East Public School will receive $5,900 worth of books, which will help out the children of the school to develop and enjoy their love for reading and improve their knowledge, understanding and literacy.

Source: Moree East Public School Website

Moree East Public School has an ICSEA (Index of community socio-educational advantage) of 670 (the national average ICSEA score is 1,000) and 95% of students are in the bottom quartile, so these books are going to students who are extremely deserving and in need of them. Serving, helping, advocating, and working together with the community has been a key focus for the NSW Taxi Council and we are extremely proud to support the children of the Moree East Public School.

The art of giving and helping our members and people of the community is more important now than ever, as we get through these challenging times together as an industry and society. This could be exemplified by the amazing outcome the NSW Taxi Council and the NSW Taxi Industry has been able to achieve working together with Dymocks Children Charity, thus promoting the love for reading and contributing to improve literacy outcomes for the children of Moree East Public School.

In the 2019 financial year, Dymocks Children's Charities provided over 45,000 brand new books to more than 40,000 children in 149 locations around Australia. 

To find out more about Dymocks Children's Charities click here.

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