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The NSW Taxi Council’s bid for higher compensation for licence holders missing in state budget

Source - The Daily Telegraph

Key Excerpts from the News Article

Transport Minister David Elliott put forward a proposal to increase Taxi compensation by extending a $1 government charge on point to point rides, but it was knocked back by cabinet.

Premier Dominic Perrottet is “more than happy” to meet with the Taxi lobby over their calls for more compensation for Taxi licence holders, after the group expressed their anger at being left out of the state budget.

Transport Minister David Elliott submitted a proposal to cabinet’s expenditure review committee which would have compensated Taxi licence holders impacted by rideshare companies like Uber by as much as $200,000.

NSW Taxi Council CEO Martin Rogers said that the industry has copped a more than $1.5 billion hit since Uber was legalised.

The passenger service levy has raised almost $250 million in revenue so far.

Mr Rogers said the levy has “over collected about $100 million”.

“There’s no actual plan in place at the moment to distribute that $100 million,” he said.

Mr Rogers said he was “extremely disappointed” that Mr Kean did not increase compensation to taxi licence holders in Tuesday’s budget.

“There are many members of parliament who want fair and proper compensation, there are two Transport Ministers that want this to be dealt with, but for some reason, the proposal hasn’t been considered by the treasurer in this year’s budget,” he said.

“We actually need to have an urgent meeting with the Premier and the treasurer this week to resolve this.”

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