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Update - Financial Assistance for Taxi Licence Owners

Key information

Applications for financial assistance for eligible taxi licence owners will close on 31 May 2023.

After 31 May 2023 applications for financial assistance will continue to be processed and payments made to successful applicants, until all applications are finalised.

If your licence is cancelled by the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, due to the transition of taxi licences, this does not affect your application for financial assistance.

We would like to remind all applicants to please treat our team with respect. Our team is here to help you. We will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards our team.

Processing of applications

We continue to ask for your patience as Transport for NSW has received a large number of applications for financial assistance.

Our call centre is able to provide an update on your application once every 30 days. We will be in touch with you if any further information is required in support of your application.

Taxi licence owners considering applying for financial assistance are encouraged to seek tax and legal advice based on their individual circumstances.

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